This is Athas

Athas’ savage, primal landscape is the result of long centuries of ecological and magical abuses. The world is dying. It breathes its last gasps as water turns to silt, grasslands become sandy wastes, and jungles decay into stony barrens. Still, life finds ways to endure even in these hellish conditions. In fact, it thrives.

Children growing up beneath the crimson sun don’t aspire to become heroes. True heroes who champion causes or seek to make the world a better place are as rare as steel on Athas. Living to see the next dawn is more important than defending a set of beliefs, so survival ultimately motivates all living creatures—not virtue or righteousness.

But heroes are desperately needed in this harsh, savage world… Heroes like the ones who stepped forward to destroy the sorcerer‐king Kalak and set Tyr free. Heroes like those who risked everything to kill the Dragon and keep Rajaat the Warbringer from devastating the land.

Today, Athas rushes toward its future. If the course of destruction is to be diverted, of Athas is to be restored, then more heroes must grab the reins of destiny and give new hope and promise to the world.

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Dark Sun

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