House Rules

Amendments to the Campain Guide

Amendment I : Strain-Injury
Reserve points will not be used in this game. In it’s place, the Strain-Injury Hit point Varient System will be in place. They are Thematically very similar and I think this will work better for the campain setting!

Amendment II: Mul Racial Traits
Muls do not gain additional reserve points. they instead gain the Toughness Feat as a bonus feat.

Amendment III: Slave Starting Funds
Slaves do not start with the standard 300cp starting equipment. Slaves generally start with no equipment. Unlucky slaves may start with a set of chains and manacles…

Amendment IV: Currency and Money Changers
Each City State has its own Currency and Money Changers. You will need to keep track of which coinage is which, unless you change all of your coins at a money changer.

Amendment V: Vitality Brew
Instead of converting reserve points, This brew heals strain damage of an equal amount. It takes 6 hours for the effects of the Vitality brew to “wear off,” meaning that using another Vitality Brew with in that time does not heal any strain damage, and it also grant’s the sickened condition for the remainder of the 1st potion’s time. This may be negated with a DC 11 fortitude save. Resistance to Poison applies to this save.

Amendment VI: Revitalize Spell
Strike the Revitalize spell. IT does not exist.

Amendment VII: Background Skills
Background skills will be used as written except as follows; Active background skills, or background skills that are the same as regular skills, are to be tracked separately. So for example, you could have craft Basket weaving, and background craft basket weaving.

Amendment VIII: Fumbles and Weapon Breakage
Rolling a 1 on an attack roll is always a miss. If you are using a weapon, you must make a weapon saving throw to prevent breakage. Rolling a 1 DOES NOT end your turn. That was a variant rule that will not be used in this game.

House Rules

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