New Rules and House Rules

XP Awards
Standard XP will be awarded with the ‘Individual XP Table.’ This should make awarding XP at the end of the session go faster than previous games.

Roleplaying XP
When roleplaying in character for the session, characters will receive experience for an encounter at the end of the night. The more active they players are the higher the award will can be.

Social Encounter XP
When Roleplaying in a social Encounter, the PCs will receive experience award equal to the difficulty of the award. Bonus XP can be achieved if additional Players contribute to the encounter.

Failing the social encounter will award the PCs as well, although the reward will be lower. Bonus XP can still be achieved if additional Players contribute to the encounter.

Exceptional Roleplay award
If the PC do something exceptional, an additional award will be given.

Combat Description/Roleplaying XP
If the PC describe what they are doing in game, the will receive a tiny XP bonus per round. In additon, a PC that describes their actions adequately though out the entire encounter will also receive a plot twist card.

Story Award XP
When Significant advancement in the game merits it, story award XP will be given out.

Personal Goal XP
It is highly encouraged that PCs give themselves a Short term, a long term, and a reacquiring goal. Work these goals out with the DM. Acheiving these goals grant XP awards as well.

New Rules and House Rules

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